Thought of the day :-

subang > klang
klang food > subang food

in the middle is wasteland – Shah Alam

Norah Jones‘ new album “Not Too Late” will be released on the 30th of January. She didn’t really get anywhere with her second album. Hopefully this album will give us more of the Norah Jones we love!

Pat is finally back from offshore and is donning a Mobil logo as his MSN avatar. I guess he didn’t quite like it at Shell.. hehe! He has already watched Casino Royale and Eragon 😦 No fun!

Every week, the insane Death Note anime blows my mind for 20 mins odd. Yes I too will ask that question, what sort of maniac writes that stuff? Anyway I found this brilliant Death Note fansite ( with tons of cool content.

Been listening to some Hillsongs. They’re still the only ones I listen to of that genre.

Didn’t go out the whole day, apart from lunch with parents. It’s been a while since I had some of that. It was very welcome since I’ve been running around for the past few weeks, and will continue to do so for the next few. The rest was good. Getting bored tho.. Let’s see what I can cook up.