I just got a promotion. I am a team lead! The pantry team lead that is. My duty is to lead the troops out to the pantry everyday. Hope my superiors don’t read this.

Back to work today after a mini holiday. Oooh.. it’s Friday tomorrow! It feels extra good cos today feels like a Monday. Here’s some pix of last Friday’s feast at Ikea. Me, player and Shaolin Shalyn ate a family meal for 4. I think I just burped last week’s lunch.

I was in the doldrums for being so useless and helpless most of the time. Then he said, “I will remember you.” It struck a nerve and was exactly what I needed. I will definitely remember him too!!

This video is hilarious!!!

Here’s a tribute to Didier Drogba, one of the best.

Went to the funfair beside 1U but it was too late.. it had already moved! That’s too bad but I am sure we’ll have plenty of chances to go to another one. Went to Cineleisure instead and discovered Sun Comic. I was fascinated by the anime merchandise sold at pretty good prices. I must limit myself to spending RM20 there every month!!

Clearification – Microsoft’s attempt at viral marketing

Play a flash Tower Defence game

Those annoying little IMs? They cost $588B

Pics from Liverpool Xmas Bash – cool

Who remembers Bert from Sesame Street?
Bert is evil!