Tell you a secret. I hate Christmas. Christmas songs remind me more of loneliness and sadness than anything else. That’s why I love ’em! Been listening to Sarah McLachlan’s latest gift to mankind – Wintersong.

My eyes were opened to the wonders of Christmas 7 years ago to a magical chorus of praise and the warmth of a family.

Then came the one with the miraculous accident when no one was around.

And then the winter without . . . devoid of everything.

Next was the fun one with friends and the hungarian soup.

Followed by the one with the long walk and the colorful spectacle at the park.

The last one was being locked out.. so close, yet so far!

Wonder how it’ll be like this year??

It’s snowing again. I feel like a sucker.. always falling for the same trick. Trick me once, trick me twice, thrice even? But then again, it was me who played the game.. and I am just terrible at it. Technical ppl and their logical thinking. Error at line 1707 returns exception of 1. Troubleshooting wmn. Just shoot them. Spare the trouble.

Going to camp. Will be back on Tuesday. Mmm.. checked my Xmas tree. Almost forgot about it. No messages! Er.. chui peen la!