Done watching the short 12 episode series of Black Blood Brothers. The plot, storytelling, characters and animation are pretty good. It left me wanting for more and that’s the way it should end. The music was not bad, Loveholic’s Shinkirou became one of my fav anime themes but the opening theme is pretty bad.

I also loathe the character designs which lack originality. Amongst the few I spotted are Vampire Hunter D (main char), Hellsing (supporting female), and Shakugan no Shana (minor char). That is what I perceive as the the major flaw in this series, but don’t get me wrong.. it’s a good watch nonetheless!

Here is a LLB tip of the day for you MSN users. Brought to you by Ja¢k²™

If your chat window gets too cluttered, you can go to..

Tools -> Options -> Messages

and check..

Show “contact says:” before every message

Remember to also check..

Show timestamp on messages

to keep track of your conversation.

But he also said..