It was a normal day, I took a slow drive home and got back a little later than usual. I took my time with my dinner and was enjoying the simple food. That was when I remembered that I had to fetch them from Pyramid at 8 !!

I was running late and my mental calculations told me that I would be late even if I left straightaway because of the heavy traffic. I cursed and rushed upstairs to take a quick shower. After which I simply couldn’t decide which clothes to wear.

I took a shirt out from my wardrobe but I thought that even Gavin would look overdressed in that. Then I took my Sportsplanet T-shirt out and put it on.. that was way too ciplak. I am meeting Mae Yue for the first time and want to leave a good impression. I ran through the clothes in my closet again but just couldn’t find the right clothes to wear. I was already wasting too much time choosing what to wear. I stopped a while to gather my thoughts in my dilemma. I was already running so, so late!!

Then I opened my eyes. I couldn’t believe I fell asleep!! It was already very dark and I could hear the soft sound of the prayers in the background. “I am so screwed.” I panicked and tried to check the time on my cellphone like I usually do but I couldn’t find it. I fumbled around in the dark and finally found it after some time. It showed ..

5.49 AM

“I am so dead.” Then it struck me. I was dreaming ..