I keep getting colleagues mistaking me and DKSH’s Alvin Goh on IM. I get ppl talking to me out of the blue about things I have no idea about. It gets pretty embarrassing for them and irritating for me. If any of you still wonder what exactly my job is, here‘s a pretty good description of it.

Had dinner with colleagues again, this time at SS2 because the rain foiled our plans for William’s. We went to Melaka Street. The food there is not bad, but a little pricey. I went with Jason to collect his 4 scorpions and then met up with the rest again at Pyramid. It’s SALE time again! Too bad I have no more money..

That video is just .. bad. Anyway I searched the “futsal” tag on YouTube today and stumbled upon many mind boggling videos. I also came across this Brazillian guy called Ginga Falcao who was 2004’s World Futsal Player of the Year. Here is a popular clip of him – Ginga Falcao vs Robinho.

Some ppl are just funny. Their characters are funny. But it’s not funny when they don’t find it funny. I think it’s a gift to be able to laugh at yourself. I am proud of mine! That’s just because I embarrass myself far too often. I don’t think my sanity can survive if I am not able to laugh my shortcomings off!