Joanne Kam at 8.20am every weekday morning on the Mix breakfast show is hilarious. Speaking of radio.. I think John Mayer’s Waiting On The World To Change is going to be the next most overplayed song. It’s just about to get popular and I am already sick of it.

Added few catchy songs to my playlist 😀

  • Nelly Furtado – Say It Right
  • Rihanna – We Ride
  • Bowling For Soup – High School Never Ends
  • Evernescence – Call Me When You’re Sober

I was in kind of a stitch over work.. until Jason Law took away my headache. I was given a 21 page spec encoded in shitnglish in different colors with a “High” complexity level and given until Tuesday for a 20 estimated man-days work. It was reassigned to him 😆

Had dinner at Peppercorn the other night and I changed my mind about that place. Previously, I was there for a sorta party and the food was horrible. This time it was nothing short of superb. I guess they serve a la carte diners better.

Dinner today was at Thai Express in the Curve. It was overpriced and the portion was pretty small. I was fooled by the waiters and waitresses wearing Santa caps and reindeer headgear. The service is pretty good though. Too bad they got the basics totally wrong.

The opposite of that would be the food in PJ Old Town. Spent the morning there with my dad for some “male bonding” whilst we waited for my car at the mechanic’s. We went to eat at the market as usual, then chilled at McD .. ahahaha~! Went for more cheap good food and it was noon by the time I got my car back. The damage was RM400 😥

Caught Deja Vu just now and it’s pretty good. My only complaint is that there’s too many of these kind of movies nowadays it doesn’t feel that different in the end. Oh well.. at least it’s not Happy Feet!

Missed the Bellamy show because of that movie. It was the first away win for Liverpool in the Premiership this season and the only goals scored after the opening day draw with Sheffield United. That statistic still amazes me to no end .. but at least it’s set right now.

I have that feeling you get when you just bought something expensive. You are very happy and it’s so precious to you, you can go to bed with it! You want to spend every single waking moment with it.. and dread the thought of the first scratch or dent on it! And that fear of the uncontrolable haunts you.. Hahaha!