What different parts of the world eats in one week

Whee! Diethelm had a little choc stock clearance today. It’s good that I can finally get some perks from working for them. I’m already so sick of working with the Durex Tingle Lub test data for the Taiwan invoices I am developing.

After getting the chocs, we went to Paramount for lunch! The Sunrise duck rice Charlene brought us to was already full of ppl. So we went to Fatty Gan bak kut teh instead. It’s pretty pricey for a rather normal bak kut teh. Jason says the Klang ones are much better (duh!) and is willing to spend us if we go there. I am sure it’s an offer I will take up 😉

By the time we reached back at office, it was already 2.15pm. It really felt like a Friday going out for so long! We have 3 Fridays this week. One on Tuesday when we went to KFC, today and tomorrow, of course. Hope we don’t come back too late again. The unofficial 2 hour Friday lunch break turns into a 3 hour once too often!

We went for dinner too! Had a craving for Williams yesterday, and.. Yup! That’s where we went for dinner. It was a first for a few of them.. and we might just go there again next week. Like Jack said, “I can not resist!!

bak kut teh lunch + williams dinner = pau char 

Too bad we’re moving to TPM soon 😥