“I’ve been dreaming about that goal ever since I was a kid. I used to practise it all the time, on my bed”
– Ronaldinho in the post match interview after scoring that wonderful goal.

“Yeah – it was a great goal. I threw myself at the ball but I didn’t really work out its trajectory. At least I’ll come out on all the photos.”
– Barbosa, the opposition goalkeeper(Villareal) .

My goodness. The number of hits to this place increased manifold and recorded an all time high yesterday. It’s mostly because of that Jais khalwat link I posted. So many ppl really look hard for those videos, which are quite funny actually. It’s not that I keep track of who checks this place out, but a stat like that can not go unnoticed.

Anyway WordPress has been serving me very well since I started using it 3 months ago and its growth has now reached half a million blogs. Blogdrive was great at first, but just did not improve and keep up with the times. WordPress has a lot of cool nifty features and is always improving. A lot of its features are designed so that the user can access any given feature intuitively.. unlike SAP.

We were just discussing in the pantry yesterday that the screen design of the features for SAP is pretty bad. Even the little icons do not make sense and only serve to confuse us. They should get someone like Steve Jobs to give them a makeover and make SAP more user-friendly. Oh well. I guess that’s why we have our jobs.

  1. go to http://www.google.com
  2. type in elgoog (which spell backward for google) at the seach box
  3. click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button
  4. check it out what happen

I spent a lot of time working on that program. After I’ve completed it, they just copied it and changed some things to complete their tasks. I even taught them how to do it. All my effort .. all my research.. Where is credit where it’s due?! But it’s a rather common practice for programmers. Just let me rant >.<

In praise of third place – good article on the financial performance of the Nintendo Wii

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Next time kencing also kena pay GST LOL!”