“I just hope it’s not 3-0 to Galatasaray at half-time!”
Carra on our coming trip to Istanbul for a CL game

“Whenever I say it was the best night of my life my missus kills me because I’ve been married and had a couple of kids. It’s definitely one of them though.”
Carra again on that fateful night we won Ol’ Big Ears.

We love Carra!

Clash of the giants by Phil McNulty – a good article on the upcoming MU – Che clash.

“She is absolutely gorgeous – I am so proud to be a father and so proud of Hayley.”
Kevin Nolan – Bolton captain and Liverpool fan – after his wife Hayley gave birth to his first child, Jasmine.

“All my Evertonian friends have been saying she is a true blue because she made me miss the game!”
From his Evertonian mates after he missed last weekend’s match against Everton because of the birth.

Video Khalwat Jais Bocor“syukur, ada peluang bertaubat. Tahniah JAIS & majlis perbandaran!”ROTFLOL

Finally it’s out! Yui’s Rolling Star..

Some ppl are just pricks. Like me. Blergh.