The day didn’t start off on a good note.

its a gloomy day and i cant stand the weather..
it’s a gloomy day living it for myself..

That is until I had a long chat with blinque about peri-peri. Thanks bro! Having the peri-peri with the chicken can be really complicated =.=

FYA = for your amusement
FYA and FYI are two different . Ppl here tend to misuse it.

Added a J to my blogroll. Welcome aboard!

Futsal today was great. I was so happy I got to play. I think I leveled up again.. more in shooting this time. About time too, I was really doing quite badly for quite some time before this. Sometimes trying too hard works the wrong way. I didn’t score today tho.. I think. My general play was good but got pretty sloppy sometimes. I need more practice! A piece of good news : Ali & gang might start playing regularly again 😀 Anyone interested to join?