Ate Nando’s for dinner. We asked for warm water and they don’t serve it. The guy said their water filter is spoilt or something. Yeah, sure.. and what water would you use to cook?

Fine. We understand they are encouraging ppl to buy their overpriced drinks. How about mineral water? Ran out of it. It’s absurd. You can’t get any plain water at restaurants nowadays!? We have to pay them service tax and government tax but they want to be asses. Absolute bollocks!

I started off with dash of Flaming Hot Peri-peri sauce since my chicken was the “not so brave” lemon and herb flavour. It came as a big shock to my system. I didn’t expect it to be that hot. I used other sauces after that but the food just tasted bland after the initial shock.

I guess we have to learn the lesson and start slow next time, instead of diving straightaway into the deep end. It’s a good thing I was stopped, as too much flaming hot sauce isn’t good for my sore throat. Just have to get on with it, finish the bland food (zzz..) and be smarter the next visit (if at all).

I feel like a baby crying after momma took away my favourite toy. It’s no big deal but it’s my favourite toy! Somehow momma thinks the toy is too dangerous for me. I know Momma gave me lots of other toys but I am just being a spoilt baby, ok? So let me cry >.<