Sorry to have gone MIA for the past week. It’s been hectic and my usual blog times were taken up. Had quite a bit to post but I’ll cut them short for your sake.

BWW2 – fantastic resource of jpop and kpop music – funny comic strip

Milan 1 – Roma 2 was won by this beautiful goal. Aquilani with the spectacular pass deserving all the plaudits.

Will it blend?
They should make more of these shows

Lasse Gjertsen – Amateur
Wonderful piece of music by someone who can’t play any musical instruments. Watch this if you are into video editing.

Animator vs Animation
Watch this if you are into animation, or not. Brilliant stuff!!

Missed Friday futsal again last week. Thankfully there was some with the church dudes on Sunday. I guess a lot of hard work is needed to get myself in shape again. It’s all gone in a few weeks.. just like that!

Many ppl like Happy Feet, but I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought it was just lame.. and the ending made me sick. Go ahead and watch it if you are into cute little brainless penguins who think of nothing all day but mating. It is not a kid’s show. Oh.. look at how cute he is (bottom pic), all he is thinking about is the mating season.

Have been working with Chinese internationals on a project in China. I got a little shock when some guy signed off in an email as Seawind. I found out later that’s because the direct translation of his real name is “sea wind” – “hai fung“. Working with them reminded me of one of my fav songs.. Renee Oldstead’s Slow Boat to China.. According to Alex, it’s not easy to work there even if you know Chinese due to the communication barrier mainly being cultural differences. It’s tough to get there too with the sea, wind and all (pun intended) 😛

alvin: wo si cong guo ren
jared: wo si ba na na

Adis the super nice guy held a Raya open house on Saturday. It was nice getting to know more colleagues. There should be more ppl be like him, instead of ppl doing things like this (viewer discretion required).

Tuesday, 21st November 2006 – A new beginning.