I have a new fav food – Maltesers !!
After a few failed attempts due to some reason or another, I finally got to try the yummy food at O&S in Paramount Garden. After hearing so much about the place, the food fully lived up to its expectations. All thanks to my trusty navigator!

I got myself a new babe. I gave in to my desires and could not resist getting that Barca jersey today. I am not sure if it’s a steal but I got it for only RM99. It sells for $60 USD or 40 pounds online and is usually found in the local stores in excess of RM200. Is it a screw up by the store? Go get it in Sunway Pyramid’s Al-Ikhsan now!

Anyway I am poor again. I think I’ve started to live beyond my means. Time to be anti-social again and cut down on expenses.

Caught the Death Note movie today. I’ve nothing to compare the movie to since I don’t watch Jap movies. Obviously it can not be compared to its manga and anime counterparts. Overall, I think it’s not bad and done pretty well. I think it’s an ideal watch for anime fans who are new to it.

I am such a sucker. Why do I choose to be stupid all the time? I can’t even be certain if I’ve done the right things =.=

Arsenal 3 – Liverpool 0

The look on Carra’s face sums it up. That’s football.

@shwin says (1:26 AM):
i am sad..
@shwin says (1:26 AM):
sca1lywag.tk says (1:26 AM):
i m sad too 😦
@shwin says (1:27 AM):
i just stopped watching the match and now i am talking with girls to console myself