Pic of the day

I think I overdid it. I don’t think it’s my fault. I guess he just misunderstood my actions .. like most ppl would misunderstand him. I would do it to anyone else and anyone would do it to me and it would be fine. Maybe I overstepped the line this time. Well, he kinda asked for it =.= Gomenasai !

Bishop’s Blog – this guy is funny! More Liverpool banter.

No futsal again this week. It’s a catastrophe! I couldn’t make it for the later session with Arvin & friends either. Never played with the gang though. Pat goes when he can and he says we’d feel like Eminem playing with them – being the only white dude in the gang.

The latest opening song for Bleach is one of my favs of the moment. The accompanying video clip is nice too. Just can’t get my hands on the full version of the song 😦

May called from sg again. It’s great to hear from friends far away. I wrote a lot about friends earlier. But I deleted all that. I thought too much. That happens when I’m bored. I need a life.