Blinque has started blogging again. Enter The Gardenia .. so good you can even read it on its own .. – Support our local music industry. RM3 per download, RM30 per album for both local & intl songs.

Malay Mail: What position now? By Jeff Ooi. Such heroes.

Another Whopper! Would you like fries with that?

Work work. Finished my most challenging task yet. It’s not the complexity of the things we build. It’s the complexity of the person who builds it, which.. complicates things. Had to clean the mess up. Oh well, it’s a good challenge. It’s better than sitting on my bum doing nothing the whole day.

Why are so many of them getting more and more self-absorbed? All they talk about is themselves. All they care about is themselves. It’s no big deal , really. It’s just irritating! I am not worthy of their time. I should just talk to others who care more about stuff other than themselves.

Sometimes I get the nagging feeling some of them are talking to me just so to feel better about themselves. Well that’s great but I don’t care if they feel less guilt, more pride or more alive. Nothing will change the way I think about them, after the lessons learnt . I just want to to do my part, and it’s not bloody easy. I am going to sleep.