Learn more about the wasabi we eat!

Here are some deceiving pictures.

Going into Godmode in Left Behind

Mr Chuah sent me this nice song.. The Shadow of Your Cross

Who’s calling? Is it your leg or your cellphone?

A whole new Whopper!

Banning Borat – I don’t like the new movie on Kazakhstan. Too much.

Personality of the week – Lance Armstrong

I took a very interesting picture of Mr Moo hard at work in the office. I was very tempted to share it with you. Too bad he discovered this place and he will not be happy if he sees it here. Maybe it’ll see daylight someday. Just ask me 😉

Met a guy I haven’t met in 9 years, and it was embarrassing that I forgot his name. Used to play Risk with him well into the wee hours of morning. It’s good to meet up with old friends you don’t even remember. It’s not good to have a whiff of MLM about them though. Credit to them, they didn’t bring up that topic.

I am happy about that cos I am sick of being spoken to only at a need basis. Maybe my instincts are too sharp, or too inaccurate. Who knows? I feel that everyone I speak to is like that. Everyone just wants to fill their needs. Well almost everyone (like 5%). Just sick of being there when I am needed, and then unheeded when unneeded.