Songs of the day :

Corinne Bailey Rae – Like A Star

Shakira feat. Santana – Illegal

Yui – Rolling Star

Angela Aki – This Love
The song is from Blood+. Animax music alerted me to this talented pianist cum singer who did the theme song for Final Fantasy XII too. Not bad.

She asked me to stay again. It was late. I thought about it.. it’s not like I have anything to lose. I stayed late. Again. OT again. Work work.

Liverpool beat Bordeaux 3-0. Rafa stopped rotating his squad at the 100th match and named an unchanged squad. Big deal!

Riise: “When he told us it would be the same team as Saturday we just looked at each other and started smiling. This was the hundredth game – he couldn’t be keeping the same team, could he?”

Carra: “I know Michael Atherton got out a couple of times on 99, but I thought he would have tried to get the hundred”

Barca only drew 2-2 with Chelsea. Interesting match filled with controversial incidents and wonderful goals. Such fun! Post match comments as below.

Puyol: “They were the first ones trying to provoke things and not us. Drogba was diving on to the ground all the time asking for us to be booked.”

Edmilson: “The worst thing about playing against Chelsea is having to listen to the stupid things that Mourinho says.”

Messi: “I received many kicks but that was not a surprise to me. In every match against Chelsea I am the main target for their players.”

Terry: “With the referee against us and everyone against us, we were the better side.”

And finally, one from the commentators. Paul Merson on Khalid Bouhlarouz’s worrying defending techniques during Chelsea-Barcelona :
He likes to get right up your backside and make you turn the other way.

I think this training pic is funny. Mourinho is smiling there.. it’s just funny!