James Morrison – You Give Me Something

‘Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I’m willing to give it a try,
Please give me something
‘Cause someday I might know my heart.

jared: why kfc?
jared: your vouchers expire today?
alvin: yeah that
alvin: and i read an article on kfc this morning
alvin: its a calling
jared: lol
jared: the transfat one?
jared: better go eat while it’s still unhealthy
jared: we wouldn’t want to eat healthy fried chicken

What do footballers do when not playing football? You can’t be training the whole day, can you? Well there are all sorts of vices, like this and this.

The 20 Funniest Computer Geek Humour Bits of all Time
It’s a little exgegerated but its pretty funny anyway

Funny2.com is pretty funny!

Teenager allegedly raped grandmother while drunk
Happened in KK.. SICK!

Alex is so nice to help me through the troublesome script today. Angel of the day award goes to him. OK That’s a bit gay. Well they say he is.. so..

Whoa! Checked out that Sumo Sushi place in USJ9 recommended by Erin. It’s not too bad. Haven’t had Jap food for some time. It’s just that the traditional music is a little . . s l o w . .

RANTS: me VS friends ( the 5 stages of irritation)

why isn’t anyone free?
why is he so irritating?

why do they ignore me?
doesn’t he give up?

why can’t they just tell me that they are busy in the first place?
why is he so short tempered?

why doesn’t he respond to us?
they are so irritating, can’t they stop asking about it?

why can’t we just talk about it?
can they not make a fuss out of a small thing?