Being the minority sucks because your opinion doesn’t count for much in midst of the majority. However if your view is welcome because you are the minority, you’d really appreciate that. It’s not like you go around playing the minority to be irritating or attention grabing, do you?

Much has been made of Liverpool’s recent slump. It’s so stupid! Why is everything so over-sensationalized? I can imagine how tough life could be living under the microscope. Anyway it’s good that they moved one step in the right direction beating the previously unbeaten Aston Villa. Hurray! Aaliyah sings 3K style, “If at first you don’t succeed, TLLM and try again.”

I envy her. She was cast in a bad light. There has been quite a bit of gossip, and unscrupulous comments were made. But the good thing is that people care for her and took the time to make sure she was ok. They stood up for her and defended her. They pointed out each other’s mistakes. I wish I had that when I was in that situation.

When it ended, it is indeed true that it was for the best. It’s just.. the way many things were done could have been much better.