Aye, I am enchanted by the mystical magic of Ireland! Listening to The Cranberries‘ Stars. Lots of good stuff (pop) come from the Republic of Ireland. The Corrs and Enya are examples of such. It’s pretty sad that traditional music aside, the Irish spring of music seem to be drying up.

The Irish obsession continues today on the silver screen. I watched The Departed, which is a remake of the classic Chinese movie Infernal Affairs. If you have watched Infernal Affairs, I suggest you stay away from this one. I didn’t like it very much, if at all. It’s mainly because of my familiarity with the HongKong triads in the original as opposed to the Boston Irish mob setting.

Regardless, I think the movie’s main failure is recapturing the compassion I had for the “bad guys”. Here they were ruthless and deserved to die so to speak. But in the original, they fought with each other for each other and most of the touching scenes revolve around them. Just my RM0.02. Oh, and don’t watch it in the cinema.. up to almost 30 minutes of inappropriate material was censored!