I found it hard to control myself from bursting out in laughter in the office when I saw this picture!

Toddler gets stuck in vending machine
So cute!

Sexomaniacs puzzle medical researchers

Is the premiership a turn-off?
It is.

The new FTZ cc at asia cafe is like dota-heaven. Everything from the PC to the chair is quality and readily available at an extremely cheap rate. The only problem is my noobness. Can’t keep up with youngsters nowadays. Still fun though.

Going to work this week rocks. I get to wear casual clothes, the journey to work is only 15 minutes, work starts at 9, 2 hour lunches, and there’s no boss! Joanne passed me 4 CDs of her mp3s and I have loads of good music in my hands. I even brought anime to office to watch.

Just before 5.30pm I was in the middle of watching the classic South Park episode on Tom Cruise and Scientology when SiewWei tapped me on the arm and asked me if I knew they could hear what I was listening to. Like THEY CAN HEAR WHAT I’M LISTENING TO and she only tells me this after 2 days???!?!?

I was watching South Park!!


YOU *******!!

Just in case you didn’t grasp the gravity of the situtation, Jon Moo who sat right in front earlier complained that he was irritated by some loud music at the back. I didn’t know it was me. I didn’t know where to put my face.