Wow I finally had a dream interesting enough (for me at least) which stayed long enough in my memory I can share with you. Haha!

I can’t remember the earlier parts but I only remember till the part when I was playing pingpong with my dad in some huge sports complex. It was an intensive game and then he somehow injured his hand and it was bleeding profusely. We tried to stem the blood loss but it kept coming out.

I was then sent to seek the shopkeeper at the sports shop for help. As I ran there I realised the huge sports complex suddenly became the badminton courts in Taman Megah. When I reached the shop, I told the shopkeeper the problem. He told me that the hand-pingpong-bat-blood thingy happens often. He grabbed the first aid box and we hurried back to the pingpong place.

As we were on the way back, we passed the shower rooms. I met some girls I know (names shall not be mentioned) and they needed help! Somehow the old botak shopkeeper in a singlet I was with transformed into a “hot” guy. They went crazy over him. There was also a towel shortage crisis.

I put 2 and 2 together and came out with a plan. I bought some towels and drinks (!?) from the “hot” guy. I was then invited into the girls shower room :mrgreen: to distibute the towels. I was greeted with a loud “hi alvin!” Charlie’s angels style by all the girls in the shower that even the “hot” guy got jealous. I mixed around with the girls and enjoyed the attention (again names shall not be mentioned). I went on to sell them the towels hoping to make a healthy profit ..

.. and the whole place morphed into a classroom at school. I was some poor student trying to sell some stuff for some club. Not many ppl wanted the towels from the “hot” guy and I didn’t sell enough of them to make a profit. Even the teacher didn’t give face. I walked out to my class room to the “hot” guy who transformed into PG (a name!). He consoled me on my failed business venture and I went home in the sunset with a couple of leftover towels and drinks in hand.

Sigh, secondary school life. Ah my memory buffer is being refreshed, and the dream is fading from my memory. Now I find that the dream isn’t amusing anymore -_- Sorry for making you read that! It just felt like the Butterfly Effect movie. Time to go back to sleep. Have to wake up in 2 hours. Zzzz..