Listening to Suede‘s Singles. The good ol’ music of the good ol’ days, eh?

Holidays are over! I am glad they are, because I am bored out of my skull. The cut on my unshaven face makes me look like some thug. Life is meaningless without work. Haha I sound like some workaholic, which I probably am.

Speaking of thugs, a man asked me for money for food in front of the Taipan KFC on Sunday. He looked desperate and was in a pretty bad shape. He claims to be half Malaysian and Taiwanese. He spoke nothing but weird Mandarin. It just feels weird that stuff like that happens in Subang. For the record, I gave him nothing.

Shaz paid me a visit that day. I had to take him back to his uncle’s in Cheras and got lost in KL again. This time the sky was pouring and it got me pretty worried. Thank God I made it home safe and sound. I can’t keep up with young men like him in the gaming world already. My life has moved too far on.

I never knew freecell could be so fun 😳