4 Things many don’t know:
– I enjoy working
– I am short sighted
– I am terrible in indoor games like foos-ball and pool
– I am not gay

4 Movies I could watch over and over:
I don’t watch ‘serious’ movies more than once,so..
– Snakes on a Plane
– Armies Of Darkness (used to watch this at tim’s house almost everyday in std 5)

4 Places where I’ve lived:
– PJ
– Brunei
– Subang Jaya
– n/a

4 TV Shows I love:
– English Premier League
– Spongebob Squarepants
– That 70’s Show
– X-men

4 Places I’ve been on vacation:
– Singapore
– Ipoh
– London
– Hong Kong

4 of my Favourite Food:
– Nasi Lemak Ayam
– French Toast
– Doughnuts (certain)
– Cendol

4 Places I would rather be:
– Liverpool, England for football
Italy for vacation
Singapore if I had money to spend
– Japan for cultural interests

4 Favourite Songs:
Er.. no real favourites, just some songs at the back of my head
– Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

– Yellow by Coldplay
– What Am I To You by Norah Jones
– Zhen Yang by Penny Dai

4 Others I wanna tag:
I don’t even know who reads this so too bad !