I asked for work. I got work. Work is becoming more complex. But it’s good, I still get my rests.. like now 🙂 I don’t wanna take the week off for the DeepaRaya break. It costs 2 days of annual leave! More work pls! Give them to me tomorrow.. hehe!

I am featured on this spam site on the topic of .. Advice on Soccernet.com from Professionals. I find that pretty amusing. The second link is mine! Spam rules the world.

Football Manager 2007 will be released on the 21st of this month. But we can already get it from the shops or download it from BT. Hail the pirates!! Gotta ask Blinque to burn a copy for me :mrgreen:

Added rojaks to my links list. They give me my daily supplement of crap and laughter. Viewer discretion required. This is their reason of “why India no need street light“. Also added a link to a useful Pride & Prejudice site by Jane Austen addicts at pemberley.com . I am so wimped.