Listening to.. Lily Allen – Alright Still.
The album cover looks terrible! The album sounds funky. Sigh, brits.

Today I ate at Dome for lunch. The coffees there are still the best. Then I was at Little Penang in MV for dinner. It’s a great discovery. I didn’t fancy priced-up hawker food as I think they are way too commercialised. However, Little Penang proved me wrong with this one. My only complaint is that it’s pork free. Uh, too much food already. Time to diet!!

Today 3 loonies watched John Tucker Must Die. Pretty good movie and we had lots of laughs! My only moan is that movies show too much in their trailers nowadays. But they have to sell, right?

Hmm, the prepaid top up codes are 14 digits. Try changing a few of the digits and see if you get lucky. Just how many numbers do they have in circulation? What are the odds of a lucky strike? 😛