Summary of Ipoh trip –

Input :

  • siew yuk (rm25 worth of it!)
  • yu pin chuk (fish fillet porridge)
  • tung fun hai (glass noodle crab)
  • tong sui street – next to a certain Pusat Makanan ManU
  • ming court dim sum
  • ngao lam min (beef noodle)
  • pork noodle

Output :

  • futsal (2x)
  • anime
  • dota
  • Zzzzz..

Next (?) :

  • curry mee
  • white coffee
  • yong tau fu noodle
  • don’t let noobs destroy firebush
  • more anime

Hung out more with Wilson’s friends this trip, while I met more of Shaz’s friends in the last trip. They are real friendly guys. Too bad my Cantonese is not good enough to mix well with them. We had a good time anyway :mrgreen:

I finally named .. Zangetsu .. haha inspired by Bleach

I couldn’t decide what to name him and now I finally did. It’s a shift of paradigm since all the old shoes had feminine names. Best shoes to have graced my feet and the masculine name typifies his contributions.. he lasted me the longest and is still going strong!

Added a few animes to my watch list which can be found under the anime section. Caught early episodes of D. Gray-Man, Black Blood Brothers and Death Note (best of the lot) in Ipoh, and I like what I see. I am not even half way through watching the excellent Blood+ so I’ll take my time with them.

South Park came out with “Make Love Not Warcraft”. No superlatives can do justice to this work of art. You can watch it on here.

Quote of the day by Jon Moo : “piku piku bong bong