Famous People’s Last Words
I love quotes.

I discovered another store which sells yummylicious doughnuts. It’s the malay fritters store in front of the SS19 McD. I like their apam balik too. Some of my friends used to buy their keropok lekor often. Mmm mmm mmmm…

We played futsal today! I read Shan’s sms wrongly and thought that futsal was yesterday. Good thing Pat mentioned it today. It was fun playing with the usual suspects again. They are still FOS.

We played for a good 2 hours and it’s been sometime since I played 2 hours straight. The RM16 paid reflects the amount of playing time but it was money well spent! Body pain.. tired..

Skipped the Liverpool game to play futsal. I didn’t get to witness the humiliation of them losing to Bolton. I don’t know how they fared in terms of performance so I shan’t comment. The result sucks. Big time. Oh well.. at least Chelsea drew.. but they didn’t lose thanks to another official blunder 😮