Alex and Chun Ming gave me some “work”. Not “real work” yet but it’s still “work”. Hurray!

Daryl passed me this wiki on the Jedi Census Phenomenon. Some ppl just have nothing better to do.

Rishy blogs!? It’s funny, for me at least.

The news spread like wildfire. Now it’s gone. The pressure of it all bore its weight and I guess they just got sick of shouldering it. Though it’s no big deal, I feel for them. I think we’ve all gone through that, or will go through it somehow.

In my teens, I used to care too much about what other ppl think of me. Trying to fit in and all but it just wasn’t me. Then when I got older I didn’t care about it at all. That was just PR suicide. Most ppl misunderstood my actions and I was just plain dislikable.

Now I am still trying to find that balance between both extremes. And I still don’t know why everyone is so bloody prejudiced against each other. We all have our own opinions and make our own mistakes, don’t we? Can’t we be friends even if we don’t agree on a certain topic (or two)?