We are finished training last Wednesday and have absolutely nothing to do until now. Another day at work πŸ™„

In the US – Church 2.0

A case of Horlicks for 1,000 – 2,000 British Pounds
Stock up on Milo now!
from : making a Horlicks

The Dark Side of Debt
As always, this formula applies
Risk x $ = $$$ or ___

Erik gave me the url of this insanely funny blog..

Line Rider
Create your own ride! Very fun!!!
challenge : try to make him cycle backwards
WARNING : addictive

Being and Seeming: the Technology of Representation
Very interesting. Technology literature? Geeks only.

On Being In Love
Wow. Girls should read this to know a bit about what I think every guy goes through.
From The Prometheus Institute on Lifestyle.
More (very) interesting articles found there.

Scrotum injury ends Chinese teenager’s season
Can you feel the pain?

I am convinced there is a Chelsea conspiracy. For their 2nd match in a row, the referees have failed to give clear cut penalties against Chelsea. They then won a penalty against Fulham when they were finding Fulham hard to break down. Please uncover a scandal.. Chelsea for the 2nd Division! That’ll be fun.

On another front, to our amazement a 16 year old player has been “tapped up” by a club I decline to name. This is another case in the recent trend of clubs signing in very young players. I doubt any transfer “bungs” were involved in this deal. 😈

Gah! I am allergic to something and I don’t know what it is. Suffer..