Sometimes when there is too much to say in this place, I just don’t say much of it if at all. And so you lose out on many untold stories. It’s not that they are insignificant, there is just too much to tell (without boring you to death)!! Among those are :

the cookout (pic by the shaolin one)

camerons (pic by the one from klang)

bt tinggi
(pic by one pg)

More interesting URLs below. I am turning this place into a geekzone!

Office Slang – knowledge/crap? for you to judge

Things to say when you’re stressed – funny! and can prove very useful in defusing timebombs

Honda Civic ad – don’t know how old/new this is but I loved it

Rafa’s socks – think they are from his children

Materazzi Nike ad – one done by the pros.. not bad!

Suicide according to Quran and Sunnah – educate yourselves! no easy way to 72 virgins

One more poser pic for you 😛

au revior