Bowling For Soup are FOS. Their songs can get quite funny. The funnies include Down For the Count, Somebody Get My Mom, and Two Seater. At least the lyrics that get stuck in my head are not as obscene as yesterday’s Blink182’s M+M’s.

Understanding Value In A Post-Madonna World
Marketing genius? Surely not!!

Man Rejects First Penis Transplant
I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him or to laugh at him.

Dota-Allstars-6.36b AI
Get it now!

Ah Kao took me to eat claypot chicken rice at Paramount garden. Nice! Mabel also told me of many “hidden treasures” there. I must watch what I eat though. She reminded me that “you are what you eat”. Ain’t I yummy?

My neck hurts. Slept in an awkward position after lunch yesterday. Suffering now. I am glad training ends today. I won’t have to entertain anymore of her tantrums anymore. I just don’t know what in the world is wrong with that mad person. I just hope our paths won’t cross again in the future. I bet she feels exactly the same way too 😀