I am a reformed driver. I think I was driving a little too dangerously. PJ drivers seem to be more aggresive and I got competitive too. That’s just wrong! So adik-adik, don’t drive dangerously like abang did ok? :p

Can’t wait for training to be over on Wednesday. Boss has got some work lined up for us already. I am so happy to do some actual work. Training is simply frustrating. I hope I won’t end up regretting saying that.

Listening to .. Bowling for Soup.
The songs just remind me of the carefree days I had in Ipoh. The bros are finishing their trials this month. I might just head there for a short visit next month. I shall first see how work shapes up! I must plan a budget this time. My cashflow is already kinda low.

JeffOoi’s coverage on the Terry Fox Run is excellent. Do check it out if you have the time. Too bad we couldn’t make it this year. We’ll go next year! Semangat!