The Chelsea – Liverpool game was something of an anti-climax as a fantastic weekend draws to a close. We lost the game to a super (lucky) goal from Mr. Drogba who always plays like superman against Liverpool. Mourinho must really enjoy making all of us laugh.. Ballack extracted vengence on Sissoko but it backfired, Robben is back to his diving antics, and Lampard was just anonymous apart from the push on Gerrard which somehow wasn’t a penalty. How did the better team lose?

Chelsea were clearly afraid of Liverpool even when they had 11 men on the pitch. Liverpool had very good chances but failed to make them count. Let’s just hope they will be more clinical next time. Most of the Liverpool team did well and IMHO the young Daniel Agger stood out amongst all of them. However I think Pennant could have done better with the qualities he has. Oh well.. I know it’s a long race but they better pick up the pace soon!

Watched the game with David Cheng and his friends. Haven’t met him for sometime and it was good to hang out with him a bit. I really look up to that guy.

Once again Morpheus gave me a choice between the blue pill and the red pill. One again I took the blue pill. I am so useless.

Tried the dim sum at Paramount. It’s not bad! Didn’t know there’s so much good food there. Bumped into Erik when he brought his uncle to eat the prawn mee. I want to try more of the food there!! ><

Also caught You, me and Dupree at the weekend. Owen Wilson is just so .. full of crap. Entertaining movie though. It’s just that sometimes I felt they are really trying to insult our intelligence!!