FC Barcelona broke tradition on Tuesday by carrying a sponsor on their shirt for the first time. It is for a good cause.. I quote soccernet :

The UN’s Millennium campaign aims to reduce extreme poverty, hunger and infant mortality, achieving universal primary education and promoting sexual equality.

More information can be found here.

For the tech savy people, I present to you .. The World’s Worst Hacker. Because of that post, more people think I am nuts for randoming laughing in office.

Now there’s even a BadmintonManager ? That’s the last straw. I already got an sms in the middle of the night by someone who was so happy he got Zlatan to partner Torres upfront..

SpamBox.us – more more protection for the paranoid !

Superman-How It Should Have Ended
Good one. Don’t you think there’s too much Superman out there? I know some of you who don’t!