Got Good Charlotte‘s Young and Helpless. It’s pretty good. But I am still hooked to Switchfoot though. I love good music.

The goldfish was free at work today and got me hooked to the Tontie game again! I still can’t get to her current best of level 13 in 1 try. It’s just cos I was playing during training and couldn’t concentrate on the game. I was also not feeling well today! HAha the excuses 😛

At least I am still surviving training. Sam can teach you ABAP/4® in 21 Days with his book, but my company got one over him. We are gonna finish our ABAP training in a little more than 3 days. It’s mad I tell you. So is the office. I don’t know why some toilets are unisex and some are not. It’s so confusing!! More fun continues tomorrow.

Yes I need more rest. Had trouble sleeping last night. I think it’s because I had too much sugar. My body was really suffering today. The normal Friday dudes had futsal just now too 😀 What a good workout! Sigh I need to train. I am already there physically and mentally. Now my skills need training. When? How?